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CREATIV is a full development agency. Showroom, PR, Manufacturing, and Consulting. 


With over 2 million followers, Fashion Climaxx is an online explosion of personality and trends that shape the fashion universe. Updated daily with the latest celebrity fashion inspiration, trends, and photo shoots. Combining and reblogging all quality content you will find throughout the world and online. Fashion Climaxx features the hottest new designers, stores & collections, while dishing out the latest in celebrity /supermodels fashion up to date news and gossip.

Fashion Climaxx is driven by a community of individuals whose fashion sense is beyond comprehension. Diversity is the foundation of its vast network. FC is known to be a great source not only for consumers looking for obtainable style inspiration, but also for brands & designers seeking new forms of trends, techniques, and most of all variety of styles. FC will be the official coverage platform for our CREATIV Showroom including top news and trends.

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Social Media Management available - email for more details